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'The Day My School Fell Down' is the hilarious tale of school life for all ages, by Gemma Ramji


"Try to imagine a school where nobody was normal. I will not tell you what went on there. I will tell you my chaos thermometer is broken. What a time, what a school, what a book!" 5 out of 5 stars, The Kindle Book Review *****



"I have no words for some of the antics both the teachers and pupils get up to-they are a law unto themselves, forging ahead with crazy, half-baked and not thought out ideas which never end exactly as planned (spilled lemonade, anyone?) It makes for a truly hilarious read which I enjoyed a lot." 9/10 Nayu's Reading Corner


Enjoy your old school? You've never seen a school as unfortunate as this...


Mr Yadav is glaring at you, through his bulging left eye.


“Where is your homework?!” he yells louder than a thunder crack, slamming his mark-book on the desk and stomping off into oblivion - oblivion being the dining room, where he glares at the school vending machine that hasn’t worked properly since 1998.


Unfortunately, Mr Yadav is not alone in his frustration. The new governor, Governor Strand, spends most of his time standing on Murkworth School’s welcome mat, trembling in front of the school receptionist, an unpleasant woman who loves sending visitors to the wrong room, then screams at them when they return to ask for more help. It’s one way to occupy her afternoon.


Come and join these farcical characters in the new hilarious satire on Kindle The Day My School Fell Down. Meet the eccentric teachers trying to save disastrous Murkworth School from closure, and salvage its appalling reputation. Enjoy the catastrophic events unfold as they struggle to control troublesome, water-balloon throwing pupils such as Eldon Peeble, and dim school thief, Theodore Blot, who has just been seen stealing an empty violin case from the locker room, and is going to sell it back to its owner for double the price.


This is just the beginning of the tale, a novel, for all ages.



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